Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Its been rough! but im still staying positive.

Hey everyone. Just wanted to let you all know how i have been doing. Ever since i stepped on that scale sunday before last, i have had a rough time staying within my points. I watched the biggest loser tonight an it was so inspiring to watch these people. Every week i think of how nice it would be to be in their shoes. I keep thinking every time i watch it that i want to get back on track and lose more weight but the more i leave the house, the more i want to eat out and i cant do that anymore. Its ruining my life. So, what ive decided to do to help me stay on track an motivate me is to make a goal for the first day of fall to lose 30 pounds an to hopefully be in a size 14. I am going to buy me a pair of "Goal Jeans" and hopefully be in them when fall comes around. I am also going to be buying some things off of etsy.com. I would love to buy some things that i can wear when fall comes (just accessories in case i dont lose the weight). It would be awesome to be 175 pounds. Lets hope i can do it. If i do, my reward will be a killer halloween costume. Im so siked. So, i will be putting up a new video soon on my youtube. I dont know if i will be back down to 200.8 when i do my next video on may 11th, but i hope that i am much more close than i am now (206.5). I will talk to you all later and i hope everyone is doing well. Take care :)

Monday, April 27, 2009

I hate Mondays!

I am so sorry for not posting anything over the weekend. It was pretty busy. I had a great weekend tho. I didnt eat very well yesterday, but saturday i did great (that was the day before weigh-in). So, i am back on track today and hoping to do better. If you follow me on youtube and would also like to follow me on twitter, search for the name benotnobodi. Thats my name. I hope that you will twitter with me. :) Ok, so down to business.

-Orange Juice (0 points because i only had a couple of sips)

-1/4 watermelon (3 points)
-1/4 cup sunflower seeds (4 points)

Points left for the day = 21 points.

Friday, April 24, 2009

April 24, 2009

Hello everyone! Today has been great so far. I just got up and i am excited to start a new day. I will update this throughout the day, but first off i am going to add in my breakfast.

-1 Cup of Yoplait Yogurt (1 point)
-1 Small Apple (2 points)
-1/4 cup of Granola (2 points).

-3 eggs (5 points)
-Shredded cheese (2 points)
-Onion (0 points)
-Milk (3 points)
-Hot sauce (0 points)

-small block of cheese (3 points)

-2 slices of bread (2 points)
-1/4 cup canned sausage gravy (3 points).

-3 pickle spears (0 points)
-Hummus and 2 spears brocolli (3 points)
-Watermelon about 5 cups (6 points)

I went over my points allowance by 5 points, but its ok. tomarrow will be better. :)

Me and my boyfriend did go grocery shopping and i will post the grocery haul tomorrow morning. :)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Wow So long without Updates! Im back!

Hello everyone! so sorry its been so long. I am doing well with my weight loss just to let everyone know. I dont know what i weigh now but last week i weighed in at ::drumroll:: 207.2, so i have lost a total of ABOUT 4 pounds since my last blog (not exactly sure how much). I hope to lose weight this week. I have done an Ok. Job so far. I did eat a little over my points with WW everyday, but not much. I did not exercise this week, because i am so tired of the treadmill its rediculous. I plan on buying an elliptical machine within the next month or so. I am going to start posting what i eat during the day so that my fellow friends on youtube.com and here on blogger.com can see what my meals consist of during the day. so far today (and this will be updated)

Breakfast (haha.. this is funny)
-5 sara lee cheesecake bits (2 points)
-Sweet tea (1 point)

-5 meatless buffalo tenders (4 points)
-Light ranch (2 points)

Snack 1
-Fruit snacks ( 1 point)
-Sub roll (2 points)
-Canned chicken breast (3 points)
-Light Mayo (1 point)

-Block of Cheddar Cheese (4 points)
-Cup Yoplait Yogurt (1 point)
-1/2 cup Granola (4 points)
-1 small apple (2 points)

Snack 2
-2 creamsavers SF (1 point).

Total of points eaten-28 points!
Total of exercise-None (urgggh)

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Early WI, A shock and how i gained.

well, i must say i am a little upset because friday i wanted to weigh in a little early, which i didnt think would be a big deal, but all it did was get my hopes up because i weighed in at 206.0 i was so excited. now i weight 211.6 again. the scale is slowly moving down and im super excited to see more of a loss come next week. lets hope that my doctors appointment goes well on weds. i will update then and let everyone know how it went.

Thursday, March 5, 2009


well, let me say this morning i woke up and was super siked. i was 211.6. thats a little loss, but not much. i heard that weight drops a lot slower after your first couple of weeks so i guess you could say i prepared myself for that ahead of time. im super excited about the loss and i hope that i can keep it up. also, as im losing weight slowly, i notice that its easier to keep off and i dont gain it back. i always used to gain my weight back before. this time im really going to keep with it. so, about 11.6 more pounds and im under 200. Woohoo! ive been waiting forever for that day. updated photos coming soon. :)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

213.2 and Size 16

Wow! i cant believe it. i woke up this morning and was 213.2! i havent been that low in weight in a long time. its so exciting to see such a huge loss since ive started this journey. ive learned so much about eating healthy and ive learned to stick to it even though ive wanted to quit so many times. slow, steady weight loss is the key. ive also learned to be patient at seeing results. its not going to happen overnight. i went to walmart a couple of nights ago to get groceries. i wanted to try on a pair of jeans and i fit into a size 16. thats amazing. i never thought that with 20 pounds lost id drop a size. im so excited. they were even a tad bit baggy in the legs. ive never been this happy with myself and i hope that this can inspire some of you to be patient while you lose your weight. good things do happen if you keep with it. :)